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Server 2012 R2 Question for Chris (Drashna)


Almost feels im talking to myself lol.


Anyway Chris wanted to ask you about how are you liking running WS2012R2? Besides using it as a domain controller what other things are you using with it?


In my case, i have briefly used R2 Essentials starting out but now have a license for Standard which some say is better anyway. Ive always been intrigued in working with server based gear and OS's.


I've built my server using the SM X9SCL+-F board with the Xeon 1230 v2 cpu with 16gb ram in the Antec 302 case.


In my case, I have 6 computers running Win7, two of them being workstations, 3 XP machines, and 3 laptops. I know with the Essentials role in Standard it doesn't support XP clients for backups but I can use Paragon Recovery to backup the XP boxes to a network share.


I plan to run Emby server, Drivepool and Scanner all on the same box, and possibly JRiver for all my music needs.


Other things id like to use my server for is network booting via PXE and i have two network printers i use regularly. I'm debating whether to delve into domains as i have tried it before but admit was a little confusing on how domains work but am willing to give it another go at it and get some understanding.


I also read that 2012 can also be used to give out IP addresses as well. I have used HyperV before and it works very well, but not sure whether i need to do VM at this time.


I also bought an LSI 9211 8i SAS card (already flashed to IT mode, P19 firmware) with the cables. I'm looking forward to delving deeper into the world of servers!

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I love 2012R2 Essentials.


The main differences are that essentials doesn't need "CALs" and it's missing deduplication. But the trade off is free dyndns service, HTTPS certificate, Easy to set up VPN.


Also, it includes "client restore services" which is a fancy way of saying it used Windows Deployment Services (a PXE boot server) to boot the restore disk without needing a flash drive or anything. You can add install images. I have. ;)


Also, the BYOD podcast on home server show has an interview with me talking about exactly this.

Tinker Try has a link on how to run things without connecting to the domain, if you don't want to bother with it.


As for how they work? Basically it's a centralized logon server. But it can do so so so much more than just that.

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That's pretty awesome! I tried to listen to the podcast but wouldn't play...given it was from 2014 i wasn't sure if the podcast was still available.


I don't mind working with domains, just have to understand them better.

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