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Drive reported missing, but is online and working.



Yesterday I got an email alert saying one of my pool drives was missing

I use Windows mounts so the drive can be seen at c:\mounts\drivename.  I can access (read & write) files to the poolpart folder on the drive.  DrivePool shows the drive as available to be added to the pool.  DPcmd list-poolparts d:  does not list the poolpart folder on the drive.

I stopped/started the pool service - no help

I used dpcmd unignore-poolpart - no help

Rebooted and DrivePool mounted the drive.

Windows 11, fully patched.  DrivePool




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When you say "Rebooted and DrivePool mounted the drive" do you mean the problem went away after the reboot? If so, it's possible something happened that caused the drive to briefly drop out but DrivePool wasn't able to reconnect (until the reboot)?

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