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Mini pc problem, windows 11, or drivepool



I replaced my Hades Canyon windows 10 PC with a MeLE 4C mini pc with windows 11.  I deactivated the drivepool license on the windows 10 machine and after installing drivepool on the MeLE 4C mini pc, activated it. 

I have a four bay DAS with two 14TB drives and two 16TB drives.  I have two pools (we'll call them 28TB pool, and 32TB pool).  I connected the DAS to the mini pc and at first file manager could only see three of the four drives, but after plugging the DAS into the USB-C port I can see all the media files on the two pools.  The problem is when I double click a media file on the 28TB pool the app says "file not found" even though I can see the file in the drivepool drive letter in file manager.  I can play all files in the larger 32TB pool.
I moved the DAS back to the windows 10 machine for regression testing, and even though I deactivated the drivepool license, I can still play any file from either pools.
I do not know if this is a mini pc problem, a windows 11 problem, or if drivepool is doing something strange.  I didn't include my activation ID because I didn't think it would be needed to troubleshoot this.
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It's good you didn't post your activation ID in the forum. That's mean to be kept private between you and StableBit. :)

Even with a deactivated license, DrivePool will still be able to read files (now if it was still able to write to the pool, that'd be odd; maybe there's a grace period).

On the new box where the media app can't "find" the file in the pool, can it "find" the file if you access it directly via whichever physical drive's hidden poolpart folder? Can you still copy the file from the pool to a non-pool drive with explorer? If not, can you still copy the file from the poolpart folder with explorer?

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