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I cannot install DrivePool nor Scanner anymore


Hi there,


So, i had both stable versions of DrivePool and Scanner installed on my machine (W7 Standard Embedded x64) for a very long time, but then i wanted to test the beta versions of those softwares. Having a lotta problem with those betas (DP multiple log errors / SC hang on startup and numerous logs errors), i wanted to get back to the stables versions, but i seems it's not possible anymore. No matter what i tried, and i've spend lot of time on that problem, the installer says that the applications has been installed successfully but doesn't copy a damn file on my hard drive. This is what i've tried so far:


- Classic uninstall of the beta versions though Windows installer: i doesn't supress any file and says that the program has been successfully uninstalled.


- Manual uninstall using the wiki directives (for DrivePool - no such advices in the wiki for Scanner). This include all the folders/files, the registry keys, both drivers, everything. I even manually deleted the .sys driver file under /system32/driver since the hardware manager doesn't do it even if you asked so


- Try to install both softwares (which is supposed to be successfull, create an entry into Windows Installer, but doesn't copy a file - at all-), then lauch the installer for a second time after a reboot in order to test the 'repair' function: it download and install the .NET framework 4.0 client stuff, doesn't copy a single program file, then say that the installation was successful!


I'm getting a little tired of this, and i've an urgent need for help on that matter.





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