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  1. Hi there, So, i had both stable versions of DrivePool and Scanner installed on my machine (W7 Standard Embedded x64) for a very long time, but then i wanted to test the beta versions of those softwares. Having a lotta problem with those betas (DP multiple log errors / SC hang on startup and numerous logs errors), i wanted to get back to the stables versions, but i seems it's not possible anymore. No matter what i tried, and i've spend lot of time on that problem, the installer says that the applications has been installed successfully but doesn't copy a damn file on
  2. Hi Christopher, To answer to your questions, the Operating System is an up to date Windows Embedded Standard 7, and Scanner version is v2.5.2.3103. I had the same problem with previous Scanner versions on various Windows platform. There is no other instance of Scanner running somewhere on the network when i'm trying to change the site name, but there was, from time to time, in the past. Here is a link to the zipped ErrorReports folder: https://drive.google.com/a/vast.pro/file/d/0B_aKgm96RJwIOWpocUFKb0lKTm8/view?usp=sharing Regards,
  3. Hi there, I've this strange problem with scanner: Everytime i'm trying to change the "Site Name" at the first page of the Notification Settings, the field revert back to it's old value as soon as i quit Scanner UI, then relauch it. I've try pressing the enter key on keyboard instead of the OK button, and i also try to uncheck the "Automatically propagate to all copie..." option before changing the name, but still have the same result: The new name is not saved. What can i do to circumvent the problem? Thanks,
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