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Issues with DrivePool


I am running an older Beta version of DrivePool.  Yesterday I was in the middle of removing a drive from the pool and the enclosure failed on me part way through.  I have restarted the machine a couple of times and still the drive isn't being removed, but still shows the machine as trying to remove it.  




I decided to download and attempt to install the latest and greatest version (1.x) and after getting 90% through install, it has stopped installing.  I have tried hitting cancel and then stopping the install to no avail.


Any thoughts on this?  I am hesitant to restart the machine at this point, for fear of having DrivePool no longer work.

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The actual pool should be fine. All the files are stored on normal NTFS volumes. and worst case, you can access files in the hidden "PoolPart.xxxx" folders. So the data should be fine.


As for the software, try doing a clean reinstall when you are able to:



That will clear all the settings, and files for DrivePool, and should allow you to install it without any issues.



And just to re-emphasize: We are very very protective of your data. Disaster recovery was one of the top considerations for DrivePool when Alex initially designed it. As long as the drives are intact, (as in recognized by the system, and the partitions still there, and NTFS), then you can recover your pool. Even if that means reinstall the OS, or moving the drives to another system.  We value your data as much as you do, and have done everything in our power to make sure that DrivePool will *never* just "eat" your data.

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Thanks Christopher.  


I followed the steps to complete the uninstall.  (I actually went through them 2x).  


When I attempt to install the plug-in again I get the following message:


The add-in is already installed.

The add-in is already installed on the server and on the computers on your network.

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If that is the case, it sounds like you may have missed the dashboard bit.

Open the dashboard, and open the Applications tab. Make sure that there is not an entry for "DrivePool". If there is, right click on it, and select Uninstall. After that, close the dashboard, and re-attempt the install.


(and sorry, I grabbed the link to the wrong version, that skipped this bit. Sorry!)

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