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  1. Exactly right. I did that part and now it is installed and up and running. Thanks. I feel like an idiot.
  2. Thanks Christopher. I followed the steps to complete the uninstall. (I actually went through them 2x). When I attempt to install the plug-in again I get the following message: The add-in is already installed. The add-in is already installed on the server and on the computers on your network.
  3. I am running an older Beta version of DrivePool. Yesterday I was in the middle of removing a drive from the pool and the enclosure failed on me part way through. I have restarted the machine a couple of times and still the drive isn't being removed, but still shows the machine as trying to remove it. So.. I decided to download and attempt to install the latest and greatest version (1.x) and after getting 90% through install, it has stopped installing. I have tried hitting cancel and then stopping the install to no avail. Any thoughts on this? I am hesitant to restart the mach
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