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Scanner compatibility with Hard Disk Sentinel.


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There should be absolutely no issue with doing so.  


Neither product does anything that takes exclusive control over anything, so it should be safe to run both products concurrently. 




Is there any problem running Scanner along with Hard Disk Sentinel? Would like to run Sentinel too on my file server and keeping a tab on the hard disks.


What are you trying to monitor specifically, here? If you don't mind me asking.

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I can definitely understand that.  Though, personally, I can't stand tray icons for things that aren't critical (and I believe that Alex feels the same way). 


I know that we've had a request for a persistent tray icon recently (and that *may* have been you, not sure), so it is something that we may consider adding. 


Also, I know that we had plans on adding a monitoring service, so users could keep an eye on this (and much more data) remotely. 



Unfortunately no ETA, as it's a big project and one we don't plan on starting it until after we have a stable release for StableBit CloudDrive. (though, it should be INFINITELY less complex than CloudDrive)

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