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  1. Follow this post here. Thanks both for the reply's.
  2. Hi, I have drivepool all setup & is working just fine as is, Really pleased with it Thank you!!. The 4 drives I have added to the pool already had files on them, So once I had moved the files I had on the drive initially to the pool, Then deleted the original source files outside of the pool, The drive were unevenly balanced. So I have downloaded the Disk Space Equalizer plugin to fix that, Its at 86% so far. My question is, Once it has reached 100% & finished, Should I disable (Uncheck the plugin) the plugin? Or just leave it enabled? Dont want to mess anything up once my files have been added to the pool :/ I only ask because, Once the drives have been balanced, Drivepool will balance the drives automatically when new files are added. My use case for drivepool is a simple pool/JBOD, I've installed it with all default settings (Disabled Bitlocker_PoolPartUnlockDetect so that drives can sleep) & Disk Space Equalizer plugin (Just in case you were wondering). Simple. Thanks!!
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