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I am using the StableBit Scanner, and it has already proved itself useful, in sending out an email alerting of a failed drive. I have a question about the checkbox to submit to BitFlock for analysis. This is in the SMART details...I have the checkbox ticked, and it says "(submitting in a few minutes)"


This message never clears. Can you assist with this? The only thing I can think of on my end is...I am using a web DNS filtering service, is it possible the the URL for BitFlock submission is being blocked? Or something else?




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The stand alone app worked fine. https://bitflock.com/PWX5AJW8
I signed back into the server dashboard and checked, all of the disks showed that the details were submitted to BitFlock. For some reason it toop a couple of days...
It gives an ID: 80A9JBL9


Am I able to view this online, or is this ID only for use in Scanner?


Screenshot: https://gtechfiles.tonidoid.com/urlqphvye

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Normally the submission should take a few minutes and no one outside of Covecube will be able to see your SMART data. I'm not sure why it took a few days.


I typically go through the "unreconciled" SMART data every month or so in order to improve our SMART interpretation capability.



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