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Hashing Issues



Has anyone experienced any problems with torrents being seeded from drives in DrivePool? I'm not sure if its the updates between the different releases or something during restarts, but every so often, different files will only hash to 99%. This makes me think that when DrivePool shifts things around, it makes it so the files lose their 100% check, maybe by corruption in a minor way.


I've tried different clients and it still happens at random with different torrent files. Any thoughts?


Edit: I've turned off balancing, to see if that makes a difference in the future.

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DrivePool does and can move files around, but that should be completely invisible to you.

I also run utorrent on my server, and I have not had an issue download or seeding from the pool.


However, if you wouldn't mind enabling the "trace logging", so we can help track down this issue:



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