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Stable Bit Twitter Giveaway cheating


So something I've noticed recently, is that some of the 'Tweets' for the stablebit giveaway seem to be from people with multiple accounts.  Most of the tweets are from accounts with 0 followers, 0 following, and only tweet once a week for the contest.

Exhibit AKz9Sv4T.png


3 Accounts, named @555Helo, @helo3212 and @123helo2.  All have 0 following and 0 followers, and no tweets other than entering the contest each week every week, within a few minutes of eachother, along with a dozen other accounts.  I wouldn't be suprised if they are all the same person or bot, but the 3 helo's are obviously tied together.


Exhibit B


These same 3 accounts, all created and starting tweeting on the same day.  



If you look at the tweet 'spread' It's pretty evenly spaced though-out the week, normally 4-6 tweets a day spread out.  But taking a look at the tweets from this morning show a different story, 14 tweets, between 9:14AM and 9:20AM, all from 'suspicious' accounts, only two of these have accounts have any following or followers (@A_steelbourne with 1 follower and @pittsa with 1 follower and 3 following).  Obviously someone is trying to game the system, I wouldn't be that surprised if it is just one person with 14 accounts given the proximity of the tweeting times.  Is there any verification with the giveaway that the accounts are real?  I think the giveaway is a fantastic Idea, to get exposure for stablebit while letting people have a chance to receive keys, but this abuse seems pretty bad.


Thanks for reading this!


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The cheating and other attempts to game the system is something that we are aware of.


Such as accounts that have no followers and follow no one have a significantly lower chance of winning.  

This was implemented specifically because we did have problems with people creating a bunch of accounts to do this.  



However, I will pass this along to Alex, just to make sure. 

And thank you for your concern!

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I can see lots more cheaters still trying - people who follow no-one or just tweet once a week to enter or have only ever tweeted to try to win. By all means let them promote your products but they should have zero chance as they are cheating and having multiple entries too.


Bugged me when I tweeted myself to try to win and saw all the fake entries. I'm after a 2nd licence as I split my PCs and want Drivepool on both now :)


See this https://twitter.com/aidzburgerz/followingand guess what the accounts he follows all enter every week too.. so this guy is doing 5 entries a week....

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