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Scanner triggered drive evacuation: Move or duplicates?



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It does pull the files from the "unhealthy" drive. 


For the most part, this shouldn't be an issue at all, as most of the data should be healthy and intact. It's just the affected data that is problematic, and it could affect more data. 


And IIRC, when moving files around, we use the same API call that Explorer uses (when you're dragging files around or copy/pasting them).  If it runs into errors, we do flag the files in the UI, and continue on moving out files that can be moved. 


If you're exceptionally concerned about this, you can enable the "verify after copy" option, which performs a compare when moving or copying files: 


Set the "DrivePool_VerifyAfterCopy" setting to "True", and restart the service (or reboot the system). 


However, you may get some errors here, as occasionally, the thumbs.db files can get out of sync n the different drives, based on how they're created. 

And this will slow down the balancing (evacuation), as well.

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