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Drivepool Perfomancedata / WMI missing




there are some performancecounters missing in permon.exe or in queries over wmi.

PerformanceCounterType: "Logical Disks" or "Logical Drives"? Don't know exactly because they are written in my native tongue.

WMI Query: "select * from Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfDisk_LogicalDisk where Name="D:""


Counters like "Bytes/s", "Bytes read/s", "Bytes write/s", "Activity (%)" are not showing any values.

Some are working fine ("Free Space (%)")


The performance overview in Drivepool is working fine (showing read / write / file).


Any fix for this? Already did a reset of the performancecounters in windows.

DrivePool version is OS is Server2012R2.



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Okay, I can definitely confirm that this is the case on my system as well.


However, I suspect that this is normal, based on how the pool driver works.  It's an emulated disk and doesn't really see performance, at all.  Also, constantly querying the underlying disks for this information is an additional overhead, and may actually adversely affect system performance (especially on lower end hardware). 


But I've flagged this for Alex (the developer), to confirm and to see if we can fix this. 


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Thanks for your help.

I just need a way to read the performancedata from drivepool ... is there some kind of interface or file available to do so? The data is already

visible in the drivepool gui, so there might be a way.

I wouldn't mind to do the programming myself.

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If you read from the individual disks in the pool, that would work. 


Aside from that, the IO is redirected directly to the underlying disks, so no actual IO passes through the drive.  This is also what the UI is measuring. 


The software does expose information such as the members of the pool, using the DPCMD utility (but this just hooks into information that the driver exposes, actually). 

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