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concerns with 3tb drive in pool



 Question: What should I do with a second partition of a 3tb drive that is in my pool?

First off, here is my pool

3 drives, 2, 2tb drives, and one 3tb drives.


I’m just not sure of the best way to use a 3tb drive in the pool, where I rely on duplication as a form of saving data if a drive were to fail.

 I hope this makes sense….


Here is my concern. DrivePool duplicates my duplicated data among the same 3tb drive within the 2 partitions not knowing it is the same drive, now if that drive fails I will lose the first and second copy of data.



Thanks in advance. 




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Hey gwtony,


DrivePool knows the difference between different physical disks no matter how many partitions are on therm.  When files are duplicated, they are duplicated across physical disks only.  Also, you can format your 3TB drive as GPT instead of MBR and use the whole disk in a single partition.

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That's entirely up to you. If it's working fine right now, you can just leave it.


But I would recommend reformatting it as GPT. (but some have called me a glutton for punishment.... and maybe rightly)

You can use the "File Placement Limiter" balancer to clear out the drive, so the pool is still accessible while it's migrating the data off of the disk. Once that's done, just remove it (should be very quick as there would be no data on the drive), then use disk management. There.... make sure you absolutely have the correct disk. Then delete the partitions (all of them) that are on the disk in question. Once that's done, right click on the box where it says the drive #, and select "Convert to GPT", and then you're set.  Create a partition at this point if you want (or just let drive Pool do that)

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