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  1. Final update: after using "File Placement Limiter" (Above we were calling it something different) there was a progress bar and arrows showing the activity, which was nice, and that took a while, but not too crazy long considering the amount of data. After the data was moved off the drive as requested from file placement limiter plug in, I selected the drive for removal and that took maybe 5 minutes, Once the drive was not being used, the pool displayed the available space after which I shut down the server, removed the 2tb drive and installed a new 4tb drive in it's place, after reboot, I chos
  2. Another update: now when I go into the pool tab I can actually SEE arrows showing progress and SEE that drivepool is doing something. The "disk space limiter: option is a very good way to remove a drive. I just wanted to put this up to let you know that this forum has once again helped me through a process, and offered different options on performing a certain task. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sd2je1l8qgt1rxi/pool2.JPG?dl=0 Some time during this winter I may need to move all the drives into another computer and rebuild the pool that way, but that is another question for another topic. I
  3. Thank you for the reply. The server was not reset, BUT I did change settings in "drive space limiter" during the removal process, so I imagine that is what stopped the removal process. I am actually removing the 2tb drive and installing a larger 4tb drive for some more space. I have been taking some aerial videos with a drone and doing some other videos that are taking up the space. It's not for business, all personal use for fun and enjoyment, there are also some videos from my racing drone on there. It looks like things are under control at the moment using the Disk Space Limiter option prio
  4. after work I logged into the server and seen the drive was not removed... something must have gone wrong, but i'm not sure what? I guess I will try another way to remove the drive, it shows there are some un duplicated files on the drive, so I don't want to just unplug it.
  5. I have searched for this and found it to be a problem, but I am not able to find some help for what is going on with my situation. I have 4 drives (2, 2TB, 2, 4TB), on WHS 2011 using drivepool ver, all the drives are using around 70% capacity (average) The only thing wrong with the drive is a head parking count, but scanner or home server smart is not projecting any failure. I tagged one of the 2TB drives for removal and it is not showing any progress at all after 20 hours. if I go into "drives" it shows that is has a remaining capacity of 700GB, in "removing" status and thi
  6. Thanks so much, I feel a lot better now. I wonder if I should remove the one 3tb drive from the pool, reformat in GPT and then enter it back into the pool? Would that be worth doing, or just leave well enough alone?
  7. Question: What should I do with a second partition of a 3tb drive that is in my pool? First off, here is my pool 3 drives, 2, 2tb drives, and one 3tb drives. I’m just not sure of the best way to use a 3tb drive in the pool, where I rely on duplication as a form of saving data if a drive were to fail. I hope this makes sense…. Here is my concern. DrivePool duplicates my duplicated data among the same 3tb drive within the 2 partitions not knowing it is the same drive, now if that drive fails I will lose the first and second copy of data. Thanks in advance.
  8. I am currently using version 1.3.7653 and everything is working just great. In your opinion, do you feel it's safe to upgrade now to v2?
  9. I have stablebit scanner installed, along with server smart to evaluate hard drive health. Drive pool is also installed, and there are 3 hard drives in my pool. I mapped 2 of the DrivePool folders to my workstations, and use those folders all the time (one holds all my photos, the other holds all my videos). The other day I received a warning on the dashboard along with an email about one of the drives parking too many times which indicates a possible failure. This warning was only send from Scanner, not from server smart, so I looked into it and the drive seemed to be OK as fa
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