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  1. I noticed in the blog post from Alex on 8/22 that version now includes the dashboard tab for whs 2011. When I go to the downloads page and click on WHS 2011 it doesn't show the beta for WHS 2011. It only shows under the Windows 7 drop-downs. Are they all the same and can I install that version on WHS 2011?
  2. I actually noticed the same thing and here are some screenshots of my instance. Version: Beta OS: Windows Server 2012 Essentials Drives: 2x 2TB in Pool Duplication Setting: Pool Duplication enabled. DrivePool screen showing the "x2" is on for the drive pool and 20.2gb are being duplicated as well as 3.56 gb "other" DrivePool DrivePool screen showing the same thing when hovering over the drives. Duplicated 10.1gb, 1.78gb other. It shows this for both drives. DrivePool w/ Drive Details The propery screen for the hidden folders on each drive: 11.6gb each Folder Properties It looks like all the files are on both drives so I don't think it's an issue with duplication not working... I think something isn't being reported correctly back to the UI. In the previous version isn't there an option to check file duplication integrity? If not, is that something that can be added down the road?
  3. Just throwing my two cents in here. I agree that the little arrow to manage duplication is very hard to find. I actually spent an hour trying to figure out where the settings were until I finally gave in and searched google and it brought me to this post. I think it needs to be labeled a little better. (Please and thank you!)
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