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Find out what files were on a failed drive

Go to solution Solved by Quinn,


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After the fact, no, there really isn't, sorry. 


If everything was duplicated, then you shouldn't have any issues, as it should reduplicate the data after removing the failed drive.


Ah ok, thanks for the answer. That would be a nice feature, just a list of files and folders that were on that drive. Just so you know what you lost. I have my backup in a different physical location. I can just copy everything over and chose not to replace duplicates. There are however some files that I don't have backed up that I would have to download again, It would be great to know which files those were.

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Well, you can create a list of the contents pre-emptively:




Also, you may want to check out this thread as well:






And yeah, this has been requested already, and we are aware of the demand. However, part of the problem is that implementing something like this means keeping a database, and that can get very memory and disk intensive, very fast. 

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All Hail PowerShell!


I just scripted up some PowerShell to rip through all of my DrivePool-connected disks and save a .CSV file, listing the filename and its directory.  Now I have one file to go through that I can open up in Excel and sort by directory name (which includes what disk it was on).  I can share the script and an example output file, if anyone's interested (PowerShell is tough to get into for some, but once you learn, the sky's the limit on what it can do...)



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