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Drive Pool on WHS v1


Dear all,

I'm an happy user of WHS v1.

I have very basic needs 

- File duplication on the WHS

- External backup that I keep in a different house/city


At the moment WHS v1 works perfectly with DE and Backup.

I would like to add an additional layer of security and having for top folders a 3 way duplication on the WHS instead of a simple duplication.


I saw very interesting feature of Drive Pool and I wonder if anyone is using it successfully on WHS v1. I'm not considering an update since I'm fine the current set-up at the moment


Cheers, thanks


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Unfortunately, we don't support StableBit DrivePool on Windows Home Server v1, at all. 


Specifically, there is no Windows XP or Server 2003 driver for the pool, so it just won't work (assuming that you can get it to install, as the installation should be outright blocked on the OS). 

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Well, if/when you do, check out the "We Got Served" website, they have a number of nice "build a home server" guide, for WHS2011, Windows 8 and Windows 10, if you're interested (paid guides, but pretty cheap). And no affiliation. 




And if/when you do, let me know, as there is a way to convert the WHS' Drive Extender pool to our software relatively easily. 

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Well, glad to hear it. Though, I wish that Microsoft had kept the WHS product line alive, rather than rolling it into the server lineup.  (windows server essentials has all the same code as WHS2011, but updated... and much more expensive). 



Well, Windows 7 would work very well as a file server. Though, I'd recommend Professional or higher version (as these have a lot more management options that may make things easier). 

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