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DrivePool is "calculating" forever


My latest trial installation of DrivePool has been "calculating" for a long time.


Here is how I got to my current situation:

1) Install DrivePool

2) Install "Ordered File Placement" plug in

3) Added five 4TB hard drives to a pool.

Each hard drive was formatted as basic GPT NTFS volume with 16KB allocation unit.

4) Configure balancing plug ins so "Ordered File Placement" has the top priority but disable automatic balancing.

5) Copied about 2TB of media files to the pool.

Afterward DrivePool dashboard showed all contents are stored on a single disk.

6) Install "Disk Space Equalizer" plug in and give it top priority (above ordered placement plug in) and then enable immediate automatic balancing.

Afterward, the dash board shows DrivePool is in the process of re-balancing files to other hard drives. When the process was completed, all member hard drives have approximately the same amount of data stored.


So far so good. There are no unusual messages such as "calculating" at this point.


Power off The PC and go to bed.


7) The next day I powered on the PC and copied an additional 300GB of files to the pool.

Afteward, the dash board shows those additional 300GB have been copied to a single disk but there is no indication that DrivePool is in the process of re-balancing since I sill have automatic immediately balancing enabled and "Disk Space Equalizer" plug in still has the top priority.

Instead, the dash board shows "calculating" message at bottom. While DrivePool is "calculating", Windows task manager shows DrivePool is utilizing about 10 to 15% of processor resource.


I have let the PC idle for over 7 hours hoping DrivePool would finish whatever it is calculating but it's still in the process of "calculating".


Does anyone know what DrivePool may be doing or calculating" ?

How can I make DrivePool finish up its calculation process ?



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Okay.  My DrivePool has stopped "calculating" today.

Not sure what happened but it would be nice if someone can explain why DrivePool would need to "calculate" something for 16+ hours while the PC is idling with no file transfer or any other read/write activity going on.

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