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Need some kind of bandwidth control


I'm trying out your software suíte as I am to replace my old WHS1 with a new home server.

Pool & Scanner seems to run just fine, but CloudDrive seems to mess with me :-(


Problem 1:

I set up a drive on box.com

When the drive is set up I get a lot of error messages, in short:

I/O Error

CD drive h:\ having trouble uploading data


Error: The request was aborted: The request was canceled


The new drive get some MB of data that is marked "To Upload" what is this? The drive is still empty?


Problem 2:

I really need some way to control bandwidth.

CD basicly kills my internet connection trying to upload those MB of secret data. Just called my internet provider and yelled some because my up speed was crippled :ph34r:

CD actully


I suggest an option for schedule syncing of CD, with some extra options for

* Disable schedule for X hours

* Set max bandwidth to XXX (non scheduled)

* Set max bandwidth to XXX for X hours (non scheduled)


Problem 3:

A minor thing. UAC asks every time i star CD UI if I want to allow CD to change my PC.

Why? Doesn't happen when using scanner or pool UI.


And maybe a stupid question; I assumed that CD would mirror my cloudaccount, but it seems to reserve space for a new "virtual drive" in my pc?

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I'm guessing that you're using the internal beta builds here, based on what you've said. But could you confirm which version this is?


  1. The "To Upload" is any of the data on the drive that still needs to be uploaded. This includes partitioning information, created when the drive is created, partitioned and formatted.  

    As for the troubles uploading data, as long as this count doesn't continue to occur (eg, the count doesn't increase), you should be fine. If it does continue to increase and steadily, then there may be a connectivity issue (especially with your upload connection).
  2. Right now, the only way to do this is to limit the number of upload/download threads are being used.  
    Yes, this sucks, and isn't that good. But this is something we definitely do plan on addressing in the future. 

    As for the upload speed, that's entirely normal.  A lot of broadband providers only give you about 5mbps upload AT MOST.  Otherwise, some people would be tempted to host servers on the residential connections.  And most ISPs want you to pay for the business packages to do this.
  3. Specifically, the UAC prompt for the UI is because of some of the workarounds we've had to implement to support a better and uniform authorization process.  This fixes some of the issues that we've had with authorization in earlier builds, but does require administrative access for the UI. 



As for the question, no, it doesn't mirror the account. It stores raw blocks of data for a virtual drive on the cloud provider. 

If you want something that just creates a drive with the contents on the provider, something like "NetDrive" may be a better option.


The difference is that we can store encrypted content on the drive because of how we store the data. 

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I'm guessing that you're using the internal beta builds here, based on what you've said. But could you confirm which version this is?


Thanks for your reply and clearification.

I'm using version 1.0.403


And the error count increases all the time.

I have been forced to disable CD at the moment since it doesn't work properly.

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