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Removing *.copytemp files



I have been using DrivePool for a while and love it. I currently have three *.copytemp files on my pool, taking up about 2TB of space. I found this, which is helpful. but I was wondering what the files contain and whether any data would be lost upon their deletion. My pool is still currently duplicating, but these files have been around since the beginning of February this year. Will they disappear when the pool is fully duplicated, and presuambly the available space in my pool is going to reduce by 2TB?

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As the old thread explains, DrivePool uses *.copytemp files in the process of balancing/duplicating files; if DrivePool is interrupted (e.g. power outage) during balancing/duplicating then both the original file and the temporary file.copytemp will remain. You can thus safely delete any *.copytemp files without losing data if DrivePool is not currently balancing or duplicating when you do so, and doing so will free up space occupied by the pool.

(technically, a copytemp file from a previous balancing/duplication would be safe to delete during a current one, but as there's no easy way to distinguish between such it is best to wait until the current one completes)

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