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  1. I wanted to add a new drive to my pool. I could only do this with bit of cable management. So I had to unplug all the drives, including those which were part of the pool. To do this I shut down the computer, did the cable management and started it up again. Now, the drives which are part of the pool no longer show up in BIOS. I tried reseating the power connectors and SATA cables, as well as trying different SATA ports, and nothing. Have I broken something? How can I access my drives again?
  2. I recently heard about StableBit DrivePool as a way to turn multiple volumes into a single volume in File Explorer. I wanted to ask how this was done; is the process that is used closer to a RAID-0 setup, with no redundancy, such that if one drive fails, all the data is lost, or is the setup such that if a drive fails the data on the failed drive isn't lost?
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