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SSD For OS & DrivePool Cache?




It looks like the OS drive can be added to the Drivepool based on the GUI...

I'm thinking of installing windows on an SSD and then adding the OS drive into the Drivepool and using the balancer plugin to use the SSD cache...

Is this a supported method or will it cause me some issues?



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Yup, that's absolutely fine.  :)


However, personally, I recommend against it, as it adds additional load on the system disk, and can cause issues if the system disk fails or needs to be reinstalled (you can resize the partition to avoid the issue)



And if you do use the SSD Optimizer balancer plugin with the system disk as  the SSD, this will add a lot more wear and tear on the system disk.  That is also why I do recommend a dedicated drive. 


Also, if you're using duplication, you'd want to have 2+ disks, as the real time duplication option will write to all the destination disks in parallel. If you don't have enough SSD disks, it will fall back on the slower disks.

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