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  1. I braved it and has worked fine. Did an inplace upgrade from 2016 to 2019 desktop experience and can read and write to drivepool fine...
  2. Hey I'm considering using Drivepool to present a large pool to databases (SQL Server & Oracle) are there any issues with this? Is this supported in a production environment? The databases are used for data analysis not running a system, so mainly just queries and a a few transformation queries after the data is initially loaded. thanks
  3. Not tried it but I think if you move the drive you want to empty to the bottom of the "ordered file placement" plugin and selected "control new file placement and move existing..." if should do what you want and empty the drive assuming there is enough space.
  4. Cool thanks will give it a go for sure shortly
  5. Could they look to add a checksum verification on Amazon end, this would save everyone a pile of bandwidth, but add a pile of compute time on Amazon end I guess. 1. Compute chunk checksum 2. Upload chunk 3. Run Amazon checksum API 4. Receive Amazon generate checksum (will be only a few bytes depending on MD5 or SHA1 etc) 5 compare checksums from step 1 & 4. If same move to next file, if cehcksum is different, error restart at step 1 for current file
  6. Hey It looks like the OS drive can be added to the Drivepool based on the GUI... I'm thinking of installing windows on an SSD and then adding the OS drive into the Drivepool and using the balancer plugin to use the SSD cache... Is this a supported method or will it cause me some issues? Thanks
  7. Latest beta fixes this issue thanks. Shame the upgrade lost all the scan status, so all drives need to be rescanned again. Hopefully that will be fixed before it goes into a production release. thanks again for the speedy response
  8. Hi I've noticed that when I have the scanner open and then switch user on Windows 10 and log back in again the scanner window goes blank. The only way to get the application to work again is to close and then reopen the scanner. I'm using version thanks
  9. Yeah would be cool if you could click a button and have the scanner agree the file system check is now fine instead of me having to manually override it. Love the support on the fourms by you Chris. I have purchased to licence my NAS and PC with the scanner and drivepool.
  10. Hi I received a notification that the file system is damaged on one of my drives which is not part of the Drivepool. I then click the GUI to have it auto repair. Went through the force mount etc before it said it couldn't fix the issue. I run chkdsk at the command line and it found an issue. told me to run with /scan then came back with no errors which is great. I then ran it again and eventually running with /f solved the problem. Now I'm not sure if this is a path the app tried to take itself and failed. It would be great if the scanner could run the chkdsk command again and see t
  11. Hi Having just had a drive die (basically ended up being a DOA started to fail after 8 days up time). Is it possible to have scanner send me a weekly "status" email? Basically I'd like scanner to "let me know everything is ok" that way if I don't get this email I can start to investigate. I also had issues where the drive failing would stop the network from working (no idea why this happened) which meant the scanner failure emails weren't getting sent. I'd notice the server network failure (ping still worked but nothing else), reboot the box and the failure notifications would then
  12. Have you tried to use some data recovery tools? I've had great results with Getdataback (I only just stated using drivepool). As drivepool uses standard NTFS cant see why it wouldn't work...
  13. Thanks I moved the NAS to the same subnet as performance was only 20MB/s now it's 100MB/s plus. So glad I moved it on to the same router. The xml did the trick and it's now working..
  14. Hi I have my "NAS" (server 2012R2) running on a 192.168.1.x subnet while my main PC runs on a 192.168.2.x subnet. I don't seem to be able to detect Drivepool running on the NAS. Does drivepool only scan the current subnet? is it possible to pass a command line to point it to eh correct IP address of the NAS as a manual workaround? Looking forward to usig the product. Thanks
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