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Weekly Scanner Notification & remote monitor?




Having just had a drive die (basically ended up being a DOA started to fail after 8 days up time).

Is it possible to have scanner send me a weekly "status" email?

Basically I'd like scanner to "let me know everything is ok" that way if I don't get this email I can start to investigate.


I also had issues where the drive failing would stop the network from working (no idea why this happened) which meant the scanner failure emails weren't getting sent.

I'd notice the server network failure (ping still worked but nothing else), reboot the box and the failure notifications would then hit my inbox, which would be way to late if it went unnoticed for too long.


Second Q:

Does Scanner have remote management similar to drive pool?

Would be great to be able to open that up instead of having to RDP in to check health...




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Well, the killing the network connection is very very odd. But .... I've seen some pretty weird stuff caused by bad drives. So not outside the realm of possibility. Especially if they're connected to a HighPoint card.




I've sent a feature request for periodic reporting (daily/weekly/monthly).




As for remote management, version 2.5 of StableBit Scanner and up feature the same remote control functionality as StableBit DrivePool.  And you can use the stand-alone app to connect to the WHS/Essentials version, as well. 



Just check the top right corner.


If you're not seeing any other systems, you may need to manually add them.


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