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Some questions




I have tested the CloudDrive software for some days now and have to say it works really great. However bevor buying it I have some questions about it.


  1. Is there a way to read/write data from the cloud drive on a linux based operating system?
  2. Is there a way to load a downloaded cloud drive from my local disk?
  3. Is there a way to upload the data from the drive to multiple clouds (so that I have a backup on a second cloud)?
  4. Could we get an api for cloud providers so that we can implement our own storage backends?


Thanks in advance, Tom

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  1. The data is stored in RAW chunks, with some checksumming/hashing, depending on the settings when you created it and the provider you used it for.

    So, it may be possible to piece it together yourself, but there isn't a supported way to access the data from Linux, or without using StableBit CloudDrive.


  2. I'm not really sure what you mean hear.  

    If you mean that if there is a way to open the drive if you have downloaded the contents from the Cloud provider to the local disk... there really isn't a good way to do this yet.  It's something that's been brought up, nd that we do plan on looking into.  But right now, not really.


  3. You could sync the data between the drives.   You can use a 3rd party app for this (such as Free File Sync, Allway Sync, etc), a built in command, or ... (shameless product placement in 3 ... 2 .... 1...) you could pool the CloudDrive disks with StableBit DrivePool. That way, any data written to the pool is written to the clouddrives. you can set "Pool File Duplication" so that everything on the pool is duplicated. And if needed, you could set it to a higher level than just 2x, if you want it on more than just 2 cloud providers.


    Additionally, you can log into multiple accounts of the same provider, if needed/available. 


  4. You mean so you could add your own cloud provider to the list?  I think Alex may have planned to do that eventually, but for now, there is no API or framework to do so.

    Though we do have a list of requested providers: 



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Thanks for the reply. So I have to more questions.


Is there any documentary on the used file format so I can write my own file reader for Linux?


To your answer on my 3rd question. Wouldn't that require that all the files copied to the cloud drive would be twice in the temp folder? I only have about 100GB free space on my temp drive and files up to 83GB to upload, having them twice in the temp folder would result in way to less space.

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Not yet.  The formatting is still in flux right now.  Once it's  set, we'll see.



As for the cache, yes, if you're writing to multiple providers, the data would be in the cache twice.  But this also depends on your upload speed. 

But yeah, that may be a problem.  However, StableBit CloudDrive does start severely throttling if the drive is pretty much full.

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