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  1. TomTomTom

    Some questions

    Thanks for the reply. So I have to more questions. Is there any documentary on the used file format so I can write my own file reader for Linux? To your answer on my 3rd question. Wouldn't that require that all the files copied to the cloud drive would be twice in the temp folder? I only have about 100GB free space on my temp drive and files up to 83GB to upload, having them twice in the temp folder would result in way to less space.
  2. TomTomTom

    Some questions

    Hello I have tested the CloudDrive software for some days now and have to say it works really great. However bevor buying it I have some questions about it. Is there a way to read/write data from the cloud drive on a linux based operating system? Is there a way to load a downloaded cloud drive from my local disk? Is there a way to upload the data from the drive to multiple clouds (so that I have a backup on a second cloud)? Could we get an api for cloud providers so that we can implement our own storage backends? Thanks in advance, Tom
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