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Stuck at checking

Pål Andreassen


Had an old 500 GB drive fail. Removed it from the pool. Shutdown server. Removed disk physically from server. Replaced with new 4 TB drive.

Turn on server and adds new drive to pool. Everything seems to be good. Except that DP is stuck at 6% "checking".

I let in run for two days. Then I rebooted the server. Started at 0% again and it's now stuck on 6% again. Total pool size is 14 TB on 8 disks.


Any ideas?

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What OS are you using specifically?

What version of StableBit DrivePool are you using?

If you're not, please upgrade ot the public beta build:




Do you have any antivirus, backup or disk tools installed on the system?

Could you do this: http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_Q2159701


Also, do any of the disks in your pool have any SMART errors or other errors?



And could you enable file system logging, restart the measuring, and when it gets "stuck", stop the logging and upload the logs:


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OS i Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials

StableBit version is


After two days it has moved on, and it's now at 18%. So it's moving quite fast up to 6%, then very slow from there on.


I'll start with updating to the bate and take it from there.


None of the disks (except the one I removed) have any smart warning.

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