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A few ideas


So i have been using it a bit more in the fashion that i would like to use it.

A few minor pain points in what i am doing.

First i am mounting and unmounting drives on two different machines. It is always telling me that it is attached on the other computer when it is not. It would nice nice if there was a file or something that in place when a clean detach happened so it just knew it wasn't attached. (This would be on the Cloud Side so both machines know)

That brings me to the next point is that i have no real clue as to which drive is which except for the size. It would be nice if there was an ability to "label" these drives. (Also on the cloud side. would be tough to encrypt as you need to see this before the drive is mounted, but you could just inform people it isnt.)

My final thought is it would be nicer if there was a way to just always use the same encryption key. Yeah i can copy past it in whenever i make a drive but it almost seems like if i could always just use the same one for all my drives that would be my preference.


A few other things to add and i think they have been mentioned before.

Being able to see the stats for multiple drives at the same time would be nice.

And a simple command line tool that could tell if there is still data to be uploaded.

for example "CloudDrive.exe -uploadleft" would return 1005151034

because it still has that many bytes to upload. That is just the First thing i would like to see in a command line tool. Obviously mount and dismount would be nice to :)


Just a few thoughts.

Let me know what you think.

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Actually, there specifically is a file stored on the provider that indicates if the drive is attached elsewhere or not.  


You may need to refresh the provider information to update that. In the provider list, there should be a circular arrow next to the account info. Click on that. 


As for labeling ... we support that already. When you create the drive, you can specify the drive name. This is what will show up on the provider list, and is used as the volume label by default. 

And it defaults to the provider name.



As for the encryption key.... sorry, but I feel that I need to be very blunt here: That's not going to happen.

We want to provide good security with the encryption feature. Reusing the same key is a huge security vulnerability.  I mean, if we had that option... if somebody gains access to your system, all they'd need to do is to create a new drive, and viola, they can unlock ALL of your drives. 

It's the same reason you're not supposed to use the same passwords everywhere. It's just not safe.


As for UI stuff, you mean like showing multiple drives and the upload/download stats at the same time? 
If so, requested: https://stablebit.com/Admin/IssueAnalysis/22853


As for the command line stuff, we actually do plan on implementing "something" for that. But that's for after the initial release, IIRC  (So many things we'd love to do, and not enough hours in the day).






And don't get me wrong, at all. we absolutely appreciate feedback.  It's a big part of how we improve our products!

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If it makes you feel better, I had to check. 


Yes, if you detach the drive and re-attach it, it will let you change the drive's name. This is what it will show up in the UI, but it WILL NOT change the volume label (this has to be done manually).  but it's definitely possible and relatively simple

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