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Recreating a pool



So I've been having some hardware issues, and I've had to reinstall WHS 2011. My drivepool is largely intact though, albeit with a few missing files, I'm having issues recreating my old drivepool though.


The install has created the new drive pool on D:\, my old drivepool has been assigned K:\. So I want to move the folders across so that music.


Here's the new (default) pool:


The view from Windows...where D:\ is the new pool, K is the old pool, M and Z are backup disks outside the pool.



When I add a folder that exists in my old pool, but not the default, so in effect a new folder, it's no problems:


You can see, Software adds to the existing pool on K:\.


So I want to move Music and Videos back to my old pool, as they're the only folders from the default lot that I use, but can't:



Can anyone help me here? Do I need to do some jiggery pokery with the drive letters in disk management? Will simply removing the drive letter of the new pool and moving K:\ to D:\ work?

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Sorry for not getting to you sooner.


And yeah, the dashboard ... is kind of stupid in regards to this.



In the future, the "WSS Troubleshoot" utility will reshare the pooled locations without any messing around:


Specifically: you literally just run the app, select the "Restore DrivePool Shares" option, and viola, locations are set to the Pool drive.

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