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2 Providers, 1 being down caused both to be down


So i had an ACD and Google Drive provider with a drive on each.

ACD is experiencing problems right now and is just completely down.


This prevented my Google Drive provider from working. The Ui would stay on connecting sometime. The google Drive would stay on Mounting forever sometimes and the ACD just sat there.

I tried everything from the UI detach and hit the X on the connection. Neither worked. 10 or so reboots later i decided to test the following.

I went and deleted the invisible "cloudpart." for ACD rebooted and the Google mounted just fine.


 This is on the .415 beta

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Thank you for grabbing the files.


I've created an issue/bug for this, and have flagged the files for Alex, so we can look into this.



As for the service getting stuck on "connecting", it sounds like the outage was causing issues with the service (which is what communicates with the web, and controls the drives).  And getting stuck on "connecting" indicates that the service was having an issue. 



Issue located here: 


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