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What balancers do you use?


I just want to get an idea of what everyone is using. I have been using the default settings but I don't like the idea of my music albums and tv shows split across multiple drives. I thought about using the Ordered File Placement plugin so that groups are files are likely to be placed on the same drive.


Since my entire pool is duplicated, does that mean that the first 2 drives in the list will be filled? New files will be placed on drive 1 and they will all be duplicated on drive 2, then once drive 1 is full (also filling drive 2) it will start placing new files on drive 3 and duplicate them on drive 4. I just want to understand how it will fill the disk so if anyone can provide any information or conformation, I would appreciate it.

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Personally, I use the "Disk Space Equalizer" setting. I don't mind my disks being spun up all the time. Namely because my server is fairly active (I download a lot and share my collection with friends via Subsonic).


As for the Ordered File Placement plug-in, it will fill each disk to the threshold (90% by default), and then move on to the next disk. If you have duplication enabled, it will fill that second disk as well, in the same way.  And Yes, if one fills, it would skip the next disk (as it won't let you have two copies of the same file on the same disk).

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