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Is it possible to import a set of disks into Drivepool that are already spanned via windows?



Hey guys, tried googling but can't seem to get an answer. I've got 6 drives currently spanned in a different windows machine and I want to move them and the data over to a new system running DrivePool.

Will it just recognise it out the box and import it? I doubt it but boy would that be nice. Otherwise I guess i'll have to manually transfer all the data into the DrivePool and then add the drives to the existing pool afterwards.


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Unfortunately no, DrivePool works at a file level and can't automatically import a set of drives that have been spanned (e.g. via Windows Disk Management or Storage Spaces), so you will have to transfer the data manually (and each drive will have to be converted back to a basic disk before it can be added to a pool).

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