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Single copy thread during duplication



I have 12 large drives (each 18TB+).  I have multiple 10s of TB of data on them.  I have just turned on duplication, and I can see it is duly duplicating away.. but it is copying one file at a time.  so duplicating a file from drive 3 onto drive 8... then duplicating a file from drive 5 onto drive 11, etc.  

Is there a way to get it to duplicate in parallel ?  it could be duplicating files from drive 1 onto drive 2, AND from drive 3 onto drive 4, AND ... etc etc... several simultaneous copy operations.  at the moment it is going to take an extremely long time. 

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welcome to DrivePool.  yes i see that you have been a member of these forums since 2015.

slow and steady seems to be DrivePool's SMO.  not much we can do about it.  just let it ride and it will finish eventually.  parallel threads?  not gonna happen.

TLDR:  duplication on a huge pool should be a scheduled event.

this is exactly why i run a x1 pool (no duplication). backups of backups keep me good.  YMMV  cheers

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