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Windows 8 GetMusicPropertiesAsync


A bit of a weird question but maybe the DrivePool developers have an idea.


The new Windows 8 API has a nice method to get "music" properties of a file (Artist, Song name, Album, Rating, etc.). Documented here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/apps/windows.storage.fileproperties.storageitemcontentproperties.getmusicpropertiesasync


When I call this on music files in a DrivePool, I get back an empty structure. It works on a "normal" disk. (Note that by default, a Windows 8 application can't go around reading random files. I do this using the Music Library permission and the Music Library is stored on a pool). I can't quite figure out what's different about DrivePool files that prevents this from working. 


Note that the music properties appear fine in Explorer (but that uses the old Windows API).


It's a bit of a shame because I would really like to store my music collection in DrivePool but my (custom-made) music app won't work there. A long shot, but do you have any idea why DrivePool would cause this?



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It shouldn't be doing that, actually. DrivePool is supposed to be passing on the IO operations to the actual files, but this does sometimes happen.


Would you mind opening a ticket at: http://stablebit.com/Contact/ so we can see about getting this working?

And could you do this:


And I ask because: "DrivePool uses the high performance Event Tracing for Windows logger in the kernel driver to collect detailed trace data on every I/O operation leading up to your error. This will show you how to properly collect this data." And it should help Alex figure out what's going wrong.

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