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Access multiple WHS2011 dashboards from one PC?



This is definitely off-topic ;)

I have two WHS2011s on my network - they back one another up.


My client PC is connected to Server 1 and I connect to it using the dashboard as normal.


Is it possible (and if so how) to connect to Server 2 via its dashboard from my client PC.

It seems difficult as I can't find a way to setup a dashboard link to point at my second server.


Thanks for any help :)


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If the Remote Access website is enabled on the second, you could log into that and download the rdp file, and just keep that. It would be the simplest way.


Otherwise, you could just use Remote Desktop normally. (mstsc /v:servername)


I am already able to Remote Desktop into the server but I wanted to get to the dashboard just by double clicking on an icon on my desktop (or similar).

I tried to enable the website for my local LAN only so I could get the .RDP file but ran into certificate problems.


However your RDP suggestion gave me the incentive to do a bit of searching and I have found a solution.

The first step is to create and save an RDP file for normal access to the server desktop.

Then, once you have tested that works OK, edit the .RDP file and add the following two lines:


remoteapplicationprogram:s:C:\Program Files\Windows Server\Bin\Dashboard.exe

Now when you double click the .RDP file the dashboard launches.


This is great as I can now get both server dashboards up at the same time.


I appreciate you taking the time to answer - thanks for your help and suggestions! :)


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For the certificate problems... unless you manually import that certificate, or you fully set up the domain (using .homeserver.com as it's free), then you will get that issue. Should be safe to ignore.


But glad you got it figured out. And yeah, the RDP files are just text files. :)

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