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S.M.A.R.T. problem Sharkoon 5-bay RAID Box

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Hi everyone,


I have a problem reading the smart value of a drive in the Sharkoon 5-bay RAID Box with the Scanner.

This is a known problem with this enclosure but maybe one that could be solved.


With this 5 bay enclosure http://www.sharkoon.com/product/1689/11353#descthe smart values of the HDD in the highest slot can't be read.

It doesn't matter if you populate all slots in which case slot number 1 doesn't pass anything or if you just populate the bottom 2 in which case slot number 4 doesn't pass the values.

At least this was the case till today.

I had never tried Hard Disk Sentinel before and so far it is the only tool that got me the values from the top most drive.



Scanner v BETA


Controller Card: Marvell 92xx SATA 6G Controller (AHCI) [VEN: 1B4B, DEV: 9230] Version:, 6-6-2012

Enclosure Side: JMICRON  RAID #6/1 [14-0]


It is connected via eSata and set to Clear Raid mode, so every drive is directly accessible.


If HD Sentinel can do it, i am sure Scanner will be able, too.


I tried the direct I/O test, was happy to see this




and unhappy to see this




The only specific method that gave me anything was "ScsiMiniportClassDriver" where i got this in the Direct I/O section




The values are messed up but at least it is something.


What are my next steps to figure this out / help to get this working?






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Okay, just wanted to make sure.


In that case, could you get the BitFlock ID for the system (either head to bitflock.com or open the SMART details on a disk and select the "Submit to BitFlock" option).

Post the ID here.



Specifically, I think the device ID for the enclosure is not recognized at all, and the default method doesn't work.

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The letters K,L,F and M are in the enclosure.

The top most bay (bay 1) is empty.

Bay 2 to 5 contain K(2), L(3), F(4) and M(5).


It will always be the bay with the lowest number containing a drive that gives trouble with smart values.

If i put another drive in bay 1, drive K in bay 2 WILL show its smart-values.

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