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Unusable for duplication


Hey Guys,


 42.8TB Pool


 Unduplicated: 1.13TB

 Duplicated: 38.1TB

 Other: 14.5GB

 Unusable for Duplication: 4.18TB


 Until this point I thought I understood the unusable space, I added a 5TB drive on Saturday, told it to recalc, and rebalance- and afterwards, unusable ballooned.


 Now this morning, it is telling me that file placement is not optimal, so I have it balancing again now, but that will take some time (I increased priority) but will still take a couple hours minimum. I have no idea if this will help whatsoever.


 Any thoughts on what the issue could be?

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No problem, it was a long weekend afterall :)


I can't grab the service logs until morning.


I have noticed as well, that no matter what, the balancing never finishes. It will stop, but always says File Distribution is not optimal.


Attached is the screen shot.


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What is the status of this issue?


See this too here on Windows Server R2 Essentials (just moving over from WHS201).


Thanks and have a nice day!



You've said that you've just moved over, from WHS2011.

Depending on exactly how, this may affect the balancing. 


Could you post more details about your config (or images)?

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