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  1. Chris, this sounds remarkably similar to the issue I had. Which is what brought me here, as it has started reoccurring.
  2. Sounds good. If there is anything you need, please let me know. This is a frustrating error to deal with
  3. One other question, if a drive that is a storage location for duplicated data only, drops from the pool (ie: Cloud Drive becomes unmounted)- will the pool become read only until it returns? Thanks,
  4. Hey everyone, I'm essentially looking to use Cloud Drive with my storage provider as a location where DrivePool and duplicate files to. I want no unduplicated files placed on the Cloud Drive. Any suggestions on how to accomplish this? Also Alex (and team): is it possible to get email notifications setup included in CloudDrive for when there is an error, or if the drive becomes unmounted? Thanks!
  5. Okay, so I just went through this, on a 120TB setup. Drivepool was unable to balance and duplicate properly throughout this. Unfortunately the StableBit teal (while involved thoroughly, had trouble figuring it out.) I found two problems. Problem one: I had a failing hard drive. Once I found and removed that, DrivePool was able to scan, and tell me a file it was failing on. Problem two: Many times, it was an old file that the file path for some reason was being detected as too long. I usually would go through each drive individually, and either delete, or remove from the DrivePool. Then when you measure again, it will find another file, ect, ect until you are good. I eventually found two directories, and removed the two directories, and all came good again. I verified the integrity of the files, let DP work its magic getting caught up on duplication and such, then place the directories back, in a shorted folder structure. This solved the problem. Hope it helps.
  6. I am currently trying to resize CloudDrive, I am using OneDrive as a provider. I found when initially setting up, that if I increased more than 2-300GB at a time, it would crash CloudDrive. Well, I want to grow past 1TB, and I am unable. Everytime I try and jump to 2TB or more, it crashes. How can we troubleshoot this? Thanks,
  7. I rebuilt my file server over the weekend, and installed DrivePool/Scanner as a trial. I deactivated DrivePool on the old server, and reactivated on the new. I can't find any option to deactivate Scanner, and get the error "License not found for this machine" error when trying to activate the new fileserver. Thanks,
  8. I have uploaded the service logs. Please let me know. Thanks!
  9. No problem, it was a long weekend afterall I can't grab the service logs until morning. I have noticed as well, that no matter what, the balancing never finishes. It will stop, but always says File Distribution is not optimal. Attached is the screen shot.
  10. Hey Guys, 42.8TB Pool Unduplicated: 1.13TB Duplicated: 38.1TB Other: 14.5GB Unusable for Duplication: 4.18TB Until this point I thought I understood the unusable space, I added a 5TB drive on Saturday, told it to recalc, and rebalance- and afterwards, unusable ballooned. Now this morning, it is telling me that file placement is not optimal, so I have it balancing again now, but that will take some time (I increased priority) but will still take a couple hours minimum. I have no idea if this will help whatsoever. Any thoughts on what the issue could be?
  11. Hey Chris, 2012 R2. Running Beta. Well, remeasuring fixed it. I was hoping to recover the space lol. Instead we just moved that 4.5TB into another column. At least its fixed. Thanks!
  12. Hey Guys, Not your typical post about other space. I have 4.5TB being taken up both other. (Attached snapshot) I have spot checked drives, M:\ in this case, has 391GB of other. (Note attached) The only data on all of these drives that are loaded with other, have no data other than the PoolPart folder. Drives are only used for DrivePool, OS does not exist any on any of these drives. Any ideas? 4.5TB is alot to lose to "overhead". Thanks,
  13. Thanks Chris. I've followed the PM. Thanks for the help!
  14. There we go. Sorry for the delay. All three have been uploaded. I referenced this thread in the notes. I can replicate the line outside of the bar on command. If you guys need a closer look, I can facilitate access to the system as needed. I look forward to your response. Thanks!
  15. Thank you. A clue perhaps, one of the drives when measuring, seems to go outside of its bar. Not sure if that could cause issues or not...
  16. Unfortunately this problem has reared its ugly head again. Now it just keeps remeasuring over and over again. I have done the normal troubleshooting of resetting all settings. Balancing doesn't seem to be working now as well. I have uploaded the logs.
  17. Installing the beta corrected it, upon install and restart it auto measured and corrected it. Thank you!
  18. Hey! 2.1.561 is the current version. I'm installing the beta now, and will report in shortly.
  19. 2012 R2, I believe the most recent release, but I am unsure where to tell the version? Check for new versions is checked. Drives were not brand new, but all freshly formatted.
  20. Hi All, I recently added 4 new 2TB drives to my array, and now statistics and balancing do not seem to be happening properly anymore. I have done the troubleshooting and reset all settings, but it always seems to stop calculating at about 10TB into the 38TB. Any suggestions? Thanks,
  21. LindsayCole


    Problem resolved itself with a repair install.
  22. LindsayCole


    Hey all, Seems like my DrivePool is constantly in a state of measuring. It finishes, then when I touch anything in the interface, it automatically switches to measuring again. Its a PITA, because it tells me I have 1014GB unusable for duplication, that I want to find and delete (it was a drive that I needed elsewhere for a short time). Also, this might not be the right place for this, but is there any feature that can be turned on (or dev'd) that allows me to see disk size and % on each disk without hovering over? Would make it easier to identify drives. Thanks
  23. Hey Chris, The reason why I wanted to have the two "talk" was to help with drive evacuation. Many times SMART errors can show up, but still have a healthy status on the drive itself. A good example, I had a drive fail overnight last night. The drive began showing SMART errors yesterday during the day (nothing major really- a couple reallocated sectors)- the problem being- I had no way to associate this drive, with the VM it was in as there are 8 1TB drives attached to the VM. I do not know why one it is, inside the VM. Had this been communicated between two copies of scanner, the one on the VM would have indicated to start evacuating the drive. I'm suggesting the communication should happen over LAN. It is also, kind of silly to require the purchase of a second copy of scanner due to this limitation.
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