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"One of your disks are overheating" during scan




Purchased the bundle today. I don't have any use for DrivePool yet but will in the future. Meanwhile, installed Scanner.


So right after installing I ran a check on my SSD and it came clean. The always connected WD external hard drive didn't scan. I tried hitting "start" a few times, and then hit the Manuals to read on why. I guess it's because Scanner thought it wasn't connected for more than an hour (since Scanner itself was installed for less than an hour).


Anyway, I try pressing "Start" a few times while browsing the forums here and nothing happens. And then I hit "Scan" and it starts scanning the SSD again, but this time when it reaches around 80% I get a notification that the SSD (my system drive) is overheating:


S64GSSD370 ATA Device - 45˚C (Maximum: 44˚C)




This is during the scan, mind you. So obviously this has me concerned.


So did Scanner cause my SSD to overheat? is this normal? is it not? should I be worried? and how can I prevent this from happening due to a scan? Did I overheat the drive by performing two scans within 2 hours?

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Well, the surface scan does cause a lot of activity (even on SSDs), and it could definitely cause it to warm up (ever grabbed a USB drive that you've just added a bunch of content to, and it's warm to the touch? Same thing). 


Additionally, StableBit Scanner will throttle or stop a scan if a disk hits the temperature threshold. That is most likely what is happening. 


You can change the threshold in Scanner Setting, (or overwrite it per disk, in the disk settings for that disk). 




And StableBit Scanner is a bit on the overprotective side when it comes to temperature (we'd rather err on the side of caution, though).




But for the most part, you should be fine.  If I had to guess, your SSD is rated for up to 60C before there are any issues (eg, exceeding the max rated temp for the drive).




As for the External drive, double click on it in StableBit Scanner. This should open a sector map. On the left side of this, there should be a "start/play" (">") button. Click on that, and it should manually start scanning the drive).


That or open Scanner settings (click on the setting button at top), and you can change this behavior (regarding USB drives). 

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