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  1. Thanks for your reply spider. That's the thing, Scanner is showing that the most RECENTLY scanned disk was scanned more than 60 days ago, and the other two are sitting at over 200 days. I have included all configs and if I understand them correctly, it actually should scan!
  2. Let me start with a question that might make the whole issue irrelevant: For Scanner to do its chores in a specified timeframe, does the application itself have to be open in that timeframe? If not, read further. I will try to be as detailed as possible. Main issue is disks aren't being scanned if the application itself isn't open (if I don't see it in task bar) The timeframe I set is between 03:00 and 11:00. If the application is open and I change the timeframe to be within the hour at that moment, then a scan stars, but I don't want to scan while using the computer. I know there
  3. So not sure exactly when, but exactly as I anticipated: opened DP today, and the WD was marked as "Healthy". The last check was on 26/10/15, which is exactly 14 days after 12/10/15, the last test. While I'd rather have drives identified late than never, I'm very curious about the root issue here. Awaiting a reply.
  4. So today I had a power outage while I was out of home. The PC must have been off for at least 10 hours. I turn it on, launch Scanner, and the WD drive is one again "Not Checked". All the blocks are gray. What gives? (And I wonder if 10 hours from now it'll again be recognized) EDIT: And just to make things more interesting, I just plugged in my Seagate, which happens 1 every week-2weeks, and Stabebit Scanner identified it immediately. The WD one (the always connected one) is yet to be identified two hours after boot-up.
  5. So a strange thing just happened: I got home today and turned on my TV screen. Windows was showing me the dialogue window that usually appears when an external storage device is connected (I didn't shut the PC down, and it couldn't have restarted on its own because I would have seen the login screen). I then went to check on Scanner and it showed this disk as "Healthy", with the last check performed on 12/10/15. Strange. Any idea why it re-remembered it?
  6. scanner 7.1 Windows ultimate Just after your reply I logged in and saw its performing a check. I stopped it and looked at the sector map and sectors that haven't been scammed were grey. Please note that after I stopped at the start/stop automatically option was turned off so your prompt support is is much appreciated here.
  7. Hello, Issue #1: After a (normal) reboot which didn't include disconnecting the HD, I noticed that my WD HD (model:WDBACW0020HBK), which is connected to my HTPC 24/7, is displayed by Scanner as "Unchecked". This is incorrect, as I know for sure that I've scanned this one on 12/10/15, and that it perhaps been checked later too. Does Scanner "lose track"of HDDs on reboot? On what terms does it lose track, generally speaking? Issue #2: I have another Seagate 2TB, which is a portable HDD. I connected it to my HTPC and performed a scan. I then connected it a few days later
  8. Thanks for all the info. One last question: Currently I have one folder on my HDD which is used for downloads. These downloads are "processed" once they are completed, which means they are moved to another folder on the same drive. These can be many small-medium files, or one or two large files being downloaded/processed at the same time. What would be the best practice for this folder when using DrivePool? I saw in your (Christopher) setup that you use a temp HDD designated for this especially, but seeing as I don't have nearly as much storage as you and I'm starting out modestly, I'm won
  9. Hello, Purchased the bundle today. I don't have any use for DrivePool yet but will in the future. Meanwhile, installed Scanner. So right after installing I ran a check on my SSD and it came clean. The always connected WD external hard drive didn't scan. I tried hitting "start" a few times, and then hit the Manuals to read on why. I guess it's because Scanner thought it wasn't connected for more than an hour (since Scanner itself was installed for less than an hour). Anyway, I try pressing "Start" a few times while browsing the forums here and nothing happens. And then I hit "Scan"
  10. Thanks Christopher! Which reminds me, how do people do system backups? Cloning? imaging? what system do *you* use? I can imagine losing my system preferences and software configuration being a much bigger headache than my easily-replaceable media library.
  11. Thank you, so I have one more related and another unrelated question: Related: This nature of duplication means I should rather purchase 2 x 4TBs instead of 1 x 8TB? The way I understand it now, is that 2 x 4TBs vs 1 x 8TB will allow me to utilize the maximum 6TB instead of the 4TB in the 1 x 8TB scenario? More generally and going forward, how can I make logical decisions regarding my purchase if I want x2 duplication and to utilize the maximum storage available? Unrealted: Let's say I have two HDDs drives that contain the exact same files (using Microsoft's Syntoy). Is there an
  12. Thanks for the input Umfriend. Yes, eventually I will be playing from a different machine over 1GB Ethernet. The 8TB was only a hypothetical. Right now I have 2 x 2TBs. When my new house is finished building, I'll add 2 x 4TBs. Yes, I'll keep balancing on, but should I turn read-striping off as per your recommendation/exprience? What are the ramifications of read-striping in general? Also, anything I should know if I plan to use this for a media server, anything that I should change out of the box? (except for setting up the drives as pool)
  13. Ok. Reading the manual one more time I think what I'm asking about is turning off read striping and not balancing. I'm still not sure what happens if I turn off balancing in the above scenario, so if you can answer that as well that'll be awesome. As for read striping — should I keep it on? if I'm playing large media files, how likely is it that read striping will accelerate my HDDs conisderably?
  14. Hello, I'm pretty sure I'll be buying DP soon. Will either use duplication for protection, or SnapRAID. If I go with the former, and choose to use the plugin OrderedFilePlacement to disable balancing* and not make my HDDs spin all at once, then am I correct to assume that I will also need to think better about which HDDs I write to first. Consider the following scenarios: (I know it's an extreme one in terms of HDD-size difference) I currently have 1 x 8TB HDD and 2 x 2TB HDDs. This will basically mean that if I want file-duplication with balancing off, I'll have to make su
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