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Space Allocation to Other


Hey Guys,


 Not your typical post about other space.


 I have 4.5TB being taken up both other. (Attached snapshot)


 I have spot checked drives, M:\ in this case, has 391GB of other. (Note attached)

 The only data on all of these drives that are loaded with other, have no data other than the PoolPart folder.

 Drives are only used for DrivePool, OS does not exist any on any of these drives.


 Any ideas? 4.5TB is alot to lose to "overhead".






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Hey Chris,


2012 R2. Running Beta.


Well, remeasuring fixed it. I was hoping to recover the space lol. 


Instead we just moved that 4.5TB into another column. 


At least its fixed. :)




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If you were using one of the internal beta builds ( through, then the issue was caused by a change in the measuring system (to fix a bug where sparse files were not being measured correctly).  This caused the "other" space to grow over time (especially when using the SSD Optimizer balancer plugin, but in general, as well).


The .640 build fixed the issue that was introduced. 



Otherwise, there have been a bunch of fixes to the balancing and measuring system since the release, and any of those could have caused the inconsistency.



If the issues returns, please let us know right away. And if you're able to reproduce it, let us know how (and enable logging for it).

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