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File Evacuation - SMART Warning & damaged drive option




I wanted to get some clarification on the File Evacuation options "Damaged Drive" compared to "SMART Warnings"


For example, I have seen two different type of SMART warnings in DrivePool.   The first being the FYI type of warning & the second being highlighted in orange stating (in so many words) the drive is about to die.


What I would like to be able to do is the SMART warning is more the FYI type to not do anything, but if DrivePool is saying the drive is about to die, to start evacuating the files


Can this be done, or does the "Move files out of drives with SMART warnings" move all files regardless of the SMART warning message?



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Specifically, when StableBit Scanner detects damaged (unreadable) sectors during the surface scan, it will trigger the evacuation.


Alternatively, you can configure the "StableBit Scanner" balancer (in StableBit DrivePool) to evacuate the contents of a drive when there are SMART errors (any of them). 

To do this, click on the "Pool Options" button, and select "Balancers". This will open up a window, and open the "Balancers" tab. Click on the StableBit Scanner balancer, and there should be a bunch of options to set on the left side of the tab.


And specifically, there is a "move unduplicated data..." and "move duplicated data" option for both 'damaged' and 'SMART warnings'. 

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