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No SMART data from 4 Bay Silverstone TS431U USB 3.0





I have an Intel NUC5i3RYH Rock Canyon i3-5010U system with two 4 Bay Silverstone TS431U USB 3 enclosures. These enclosures are connected to the NUC by USB 3.


I have three 4TB Seagate ST4000DM drives in one enclosure and two 3TB ST3000DM in the other enclosure.


Stablebit Scanner does not show any SMART data for any of these drives. If I run the Direct I/O test application (latest one from stablebit website) and select the USB checkbox then I get the following result (please see attached image)..




Looking at dive details (Identity elipses) it looks to be getting the drive details (serial number etc) OK. However Scanner never shows the serial number on the drive details page.


Looking at the SMART attributes elipses (non WMI) - there appears to be SMART data there also, but the scanner claims it cannot get SMART data.


I've turned on verbose logging for everything - I'll let that run overnight as hopefully it will provide more information.


The Direct I/O test appears to show that SMART data is obtainable when the USB option is selected - but scanner seems to think no SMART data is available.


Any help much appreciated.






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On the Direct IO test, could you click on the "ellipse" button next the "SMART Attributes" entry, and make sure it's displaying information there? 

If so, please do let us know.


If not, then try the unsafe option, and see if that helps. If not, try the specific method, and try each one until it gives you information in the SMART Attributes section.

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Hi Christopher,


Here is the text from the "SMART Attributes" entry:


  Smart attributes for device:   1

  Version:   10

  Offline data collection status:   NeverStartted

  Self-test execution status:   PreviousCompletedNoErorrOrNoTestRun

  Self-test percent remaining:   0

  To complete off-line data collection:   00:02:08

  Off-line data collection capability:   ExecuteOffLineImmediate, Vendor1, SelfTest, ConveyanceSelfTest, SelectiveSelfTest

  SMART capability:   SmartAutoSaveOnPowerModeSwitch, SmartEnableDisableAndAttributeAutosaveSupported

  Error logging capability:   True

  Short self-test polling time:   00:01:00

  Extended self-test polling time:   00:01:00

  Conveyance self-test polling time:   00:02:00


  Attributes:   24

    1:   111 [0x0000023C8CB0]

    3:   93 [0x000000000000]

    4:   100 [0x00000000003B]

    5:   100 [0x000000000000]

    7:   62 [0x0000001A4833]

    9:   99 [0x000000000667]

    10:   100 [0x000000000000]

    12:   100 [0x000000000009]

    183:   100 [0x000000000000]

    184:   100 [0x000000000000]

    187:   100 [0x000000000000]

    188:   100 [0x000000000000]

    189:   100 [0x000000000000]

    190:   67 [0x0000271D0021]

    191:   100 [0x000000000000]

    192:   100 [0x000000000000]

    193:   78 [0x00000000B1BD]

    194:   33 [0x001700000021]

    197:   100 [0x000000000000]

    198:   100 [0x000000000000]

    199:   200 [0x000000000000]

    240:   100 [0x8AB20000020E]

    241:   100 [0x00022D549860]

    242:   100 [0x00085232927C]

  Checksum valid:   True


The output from the "Smart Thresholds" is:


  Smart thresholds for device:   1

  Thresholds:   24

    1:   6

    3:   0

    4:   20

    5:   10

    7:   30

    9:   0

    10:   97

    12:   20

    183:   0

    184:   99

    187:   0

    188:   0

    189:   0

    190:   45

    191:   0

    192:   0

    193:   0

    194:   0

    197:   0

    198:   0

    199:   0

    240:   0

    241:   0

    242:   0

  Checksum valid:   True





The output from the "Identity" is 


Summary of \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1:

  SATA compliance: 


  SATA spec: 

SATA Rev 3.1

  SATA speed: 

3.0 Gbps of 6.0 Gbps Max

  PATA speed: 


  DMA mode: 

Ultra DMA Mode 6

  UDMA mode: 

Ultra DMA Mode 6

  Multiword DMA mode: 

Multiword DMA Mode 2

  Major version: 


  Sector count: 


  TRIM Support: 



Identification of \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1:


ST4000DM000-1F2168 (0x53, 0x54, 0x34, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30, 0x44, 0x4D, 0x30, 0x30, 0x30, 0x2D, 0x31, 0x46, 0x32, 0x31, 0x36, 0x38)



  Serial number: 


  ATAPI major version: 


  ATAPI minor version: 



Logical cylinders: 


Logical heads: 


Logical sectors per track: 


Commands supported 1: 

Smart, SecurityMode, MandatoryPowerManagement, WriteCache, LookAhead, HostProtectedArea, WriteBuffer, ReadBuffer

Commands supported 2: 

DownloadMicrocode, AdvancedPowerManagement, PowerUpInStandby, SetFeaturesSubCommandRequiredToSpinupAfterPowerup, SetMaxSecurityExtension, _48BitAddress, DeviceConfigurationOverlay, MandatoryFlushCache, FlushCacheExt, AlwaysPresent

Commands supported 3: 

SmartErrorLogging, SmartSelfTest, GeneralPurposeLoggingFeature, WriteDmaFuaExtAndWriteMultipleFuaExt, _64BitWorldWideName, AlwaysPresent


Commands supported 4: 

WriteReadVerify, WriteUncorrectable, ReadWriteDmaExtGplOptional, SegmentForDownloadMicrocode, AlwaysPresent


Commands enabled 1: 

Smart, MandatoryPowerManagement, WriteCache, LookAhead, HostProtectedArea, WriteBuffer, ReadBuffer

Commands enabled 2: 

DownloadMicrocode, AdvancedPowerManagement, _48BitAddress, DeviceConfigurationOverlay, MandatoryFlushCache, FlushCacheExt, CommandSet4Valid

Commands enabled 3: 

SmartErrorLogging, SmartSelfTest, GeneralPurposeLoggingFeature, WriteDmaFuaExtAndWriteMultipleFuaExt, _64BitWorldWideName, AlwaysPresent


Commands enabled 4: 

WriteUncorrectable, ReadWriteDmaExtGplOptional, SegmentForDownloadMicrocode, AlwaysPresent


Capabilities 1: 

DmaSupported, LbaSupported, IordyMayBeDisabled, IordySupported, StandbyTimerValuesSupported


  Capabilities 2: 



Trusted computing: 



Maximum logical sectors: 



  Additional supported: 



Queue depth: 



  SATA capabilities: 

SataGen1SignalingSpeed_1_5_Gbs, SataGen2SignalingSpeed_3_0_Gbs, SataGen3SignalingSpeed_6_0_Gbs, Ncq, SataPhyEventCountersLog, ReadLogDmaExtAsEquivalentOfReadLogExt


  SATA features supported: 

DmaSetupAutoActivation, InitiatingPowerManagement, SoftwareSettingsPreservation


  SATA features enabled: 



  Multiword DMA: 

MultiwordDma0Supported, MultiwordDma1Supported, MultiwordDma2Supported



UdmaMode0Supported, UdmaMode1Supported, UdmaMode2Supported, UdmaMode3Supported, UdmaMode4Supported, UdmaMode5Supported, UdmaMode6Supported, UdmaMode6Selected


Advanced power management: MaximumPerformance (8080)


Automatic acoustic management: 

[CURRENT] IntermediateAcousticManagentLevels (D0)

[DEFAULT] IntermediateAcousticManagentLevels (D0)


Sector count (LBA): 7,814,037,168.00


Logical sectors / physical: 8 (Flags: 0x6000)


World wide name: 0x5000C5007A14B060 (Authority=0x5, Organization=0xC50, Vendor=0x7A14B060

Organization name: Seagate Technology

Organization address:

1280 Disc Drive

Shakopee MN 55379



Words per logical sector: 0.00


Security: SecuritySupported, EnhancedSecurityEraseSupported


  Device nominal form factor: 



Current media serial:



I've also got a log file with about a day's worth of fully enabled logs here:



Thanks for your help.

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