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Reported drive size/usage keeps growing



I've noticed since months ago (And so many subversions of DrivePool) that the drive size of the landing zone drive keeps growing. Both in used space and total size.

It doesn't seem to exactly ruin anything as far as I know, but then again...I don't know.

Running a re-measure will reset the sizes to their correct size again for a while, but then they'll slowly start creeping up.

Is this a harmless bug or should I worry?

Windows 10 Pro x64
Balancers active: SSD Optimizer




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I've noticed this behavior with sparsely allocated files. what files are you storing on this pool? most (nearly all) BT clients use sparse allocation for instance.

the "used" space doesn't seem to account for that and reports the space allocated and not the space used. as these sparse files are written out though the reported space will normalize out.

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