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Deletion does not free space on large pool


I am running DrivePool V2.1.1.561 on WS 2012 R2 with an admittedly very large pool of 246 TB that is almost completely full (2.91 TB of Free Space).   I use the pool as a long-term online archive of producton work and for syncback se as storage to keep temporary current backups of production servers.


I'm experiencing an issue where deleting files from the pool results in no returned space.  I've manually deleted several terabytes of folders, but the free space in the pool remains at 2.91 TB.  Windows recycle bin reports no files to recycle, but recycle bins in the PoolPart folder on the individual pool member drives appear to contain a lot of files.   Is it safe to manually delete these bins?


Any ideas on next steps to try to recover free space?



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If you're just "recycling" the files (sending them to the recycle bin), then you're not going to see returned space. The recycle bin specifically stores the deleted files, so that they're not gone from the disk.  It includes data about the files (including the original location and name). 


So if you need to reclaim space, you will need to empty the recycle bin.


However, it sounds like it is empty, but not registering correctly. If this is the case, then yes, please do manually remove the $RECYCLE.BIN folders on the pool.  

Though, you should be able to delete it from the main Pool, and it should delete it in the pool part folders, as well. 



And specifically, the "$RECYCLE.BIN" folders are where windows stores the files in the Recycle Bin. So deleting the contents of the folder empties the recycle bin.  Though, as to why these folders aren't showing up properly, I'm not sure. 

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