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DrivePool and VHD


Trying to add a mounted VHD to a new DrivePool.  Drive shows up in the GUI, then I click add drive.  Percentage hits 95.0% and sits there.  After a 5 minute timeout, it does not add the drive to the pool.  The hidden folder(PoolPart1.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) is still there on the VHD.




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Win7 64bit with DrivePool  But I did test again with the latest beta.  But you have already confirmed issue.  


I was in a situation of a hard drive throwing errors.  Wanted to remove it, but had no more room in the case to add a drive.  Nor having a spare external drive with enough space.   I did have enough space on another computer on the network.  But didn't want to blow away the OS.  Figure I could create a VHD anywhere on the network, to limp along until a new hard drive is ordered.


I know this feature is kinda possible with Stablebit CloudDrive.  But I have the same issue as others, on the forum,(see reference link below)  of having I/O deadlocks.  Was waiting for that to get resolved before I fully used CloudDrive.


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Ah, okay.


I've flagged the issue for Alex:



As for the IO deadlock (that's not entirely accurate, as to what is going on), that shouldn't affect the local disk storage, but may affect the file storage one. And it's a complicated issue, that Alex is working hard on try to fix.

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