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I cannot work


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Fired up my server this morning only to be told that Drivepool and Scanner are not licensed and I cannot create new folders which means I am blocked from doing what I need to do. There seems to be no guidance on how to deal with this or how long this will last and I'm tearing my hair out as I thought that Stablebit Cloud was supposed to improve DrivePool and Scanner, but instead, it seems to have locked me out of products that I have licensed. You can be sure I won't be renewing my subscription to Cloud and I'll start looking for alternatives to Drivepool and Scanner.

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If you're having licensing issues, please use the Contact form to request help directly from Stablebit.

... once their server comes back up. Ouch.

P.S. I've rebooted my home server (YOLO) and DrivePool and Scanner are still showing as licensed, and I can reach the stablebit.cloud site, so @PBUK and @Tullerian perhaps try again in case the part affecting you is working again?

EDIT: this link https://status.stablebit.cloud/ shows that some services are down and has the following message at the top:


stablebit.com is experiencing connectivity issues with its database. As a result, our cloud licensing system is currently offline. Microsoft is actively investigating. We have identified that during a brief period of time an underlying network infrastructure has suffered with power issues, resulting in downstream impact. We have engaged different teams to keep our investigation on the best mitigation workstream and the alleviation of the impact.


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Totally agree. I've cancelled my Cloud subscription but I'm not sure I can extricate licensing so it may be something we are stuck with. If it happens again, much as I love Drivepool and Scanner, I shall be looking elsewhere. I lost a day's work. Let's hope Stablebit provides something more than bland assurances that 'we've taken steps...'

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