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  1. PBUK

    I cannot work

    Totally agree. I've cancelled my Cloud subscription but I'm not sure I can extricate licensing so it may be something we are stuck with. If it happens again, much as I love Drivepool and Scanner, I shall be looking elsewhere. I lost a day's work. Let's hope Stablebit provides something more than bland assurances that 'we've taken steps...'
  2. PBUK

    I cannot work

    Fired up my server this morning only to be told that Drivepool and Scanner are not licensed and I cannot create new folders which means I am blocked from doing what I need to do. There seems to be no guidance on how to deal with this or how long this will last and I'm tearing my hair out as I thought that Stablebit Cloud was supposed to improve DrivePool and Scanner, but instead, it seems to have locked me out of products that I have licensed. You can be sure I won't be renewing my subscription to Cloud and I'll start looking for alternatives to Drivepool and Scanner.
  3. Is there an issue with keeping the Scanner UI Running? It's been running for less than a week, but I had to reset the server because it was unresponsive due to lack of memory. Server has 16GB ram UI was consuming 1.3GB
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